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July 10, 2014
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Many tools exist in the world of plumbing. From plungers to pliers the list is quite extensive. However a group of tools called spanners are a vital part of any professionals toolbox, including the plumber. These spanners are built to accomplish the same task but with many different sizes. The most important thing to do when using a spanner is to make sure that it fits the nut correctly. If the fit is loose, it rounds off the corners of nuts causing extra damage. Always chose good qualit spanners. The best tools are made from carbon steel or chrome vanadium and will last a lifetime. Greenwich Plumbers use the correct tools. Here are a few examples: The Offset Wrench is designed for pipes that are in tight places or at awkward angles. This wrench usually has a box end which is a closed end wrench. It slips vertically over a bolt head. It finds the bolt from a vertical angle as it might not be accessible from the side. Two different versions are available, a standard offset pipe wrench or a heavy duty wrench. The Open Ended Spanner can have a single or double end. The head has its jaws offset by about 15 from the shaft. This is so the spanner can be turned over to engage different flats of a nut when working in confined spaces. Another version, called an obstruction spanner, is designed for use in confined spaces. It has one head set at anything up to 90° to the shaft, and the shaft could have a slight curve. A Greenwich Plumber carries all sizes of spanners. The Ring Spanner has a completely enclosed head, and may have 6-12 small flats. The 12 flat spanner engages the corners of the nut and works with both hexagonal and square bolts. The 6 flat is usually shaped to fit against all 6 sides of hexagonal nuts, this guarantees a really tight fit and can allow considerable force to be applied. The ring spanner is far stronger than the open-ended, but it does need access to fit it over the nut and takes more time to set it correctly.

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