How to unblock an outside drain

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July 3, 2016
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In a case when you experience Blocked outside drain Greenwich, it is very likely that dirt, deposits of grease and fat are located somewhere in plumbing where this problem can be solved with one of available array of mechanical tools. Unblocking tool with rubber cap or cartridge on compressed air is available in hardware store and work on the pressure principle. These tools are easy to use: pour in the sink enough water to cover upper part of rubber cap. With short and swift movement you will quickly remove block and then you can wash the remains with hot water.
In a case of particularly difficult Blocked outside drain Greenwich, compressed air can help, available in tins with special plastic end. Usage is generally the same as with rubber cap tool. However, here it is enough to press the bottom of the tin and this will release the compressed air in quick motion. When water starts going off again, it is necessary to wash out the sink few more times. These compressed air tins are available in hardware stores; many plumbers also have them.

Plumbing cleaning tool with hand pump is another way to clean outside drain without using chemicals. These tools have different attachments and are appropriate for all common drains such as those in shower, bathtub, bidet or sink. Plumbing cleaner on compressed air are very easy for use and hand pump can create up to 4 Bar pressure.
Before you start unblocking activity, don’t forget that you need to close the opening against the sink overflow. Close it with wet cloth or piece of newspaper that will swell from moisture and this will make sure that reached pressure will not even through this opening.
Most commonly used solutions for unblocking the drains are chemicals that can be bought in every supermarket. Chemical solutions for cleaning can remove certain individual problem but when used improperly they can create new deposits on the drain and make more damage then good.

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