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June 14, 2014
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Imagine the stste of our world today with no pumbing! How would we manage without the run of the bath or shower and the flush of the loo. The water we use is the most precious element on earth and we would die without it. Greenwich Plumbers know plumbing systems. It is the very basis of our life and state of health. The ancient systems actually date to 4000 BC, but there is a more historical event that shows the vulnerability of plumbing. In February 2011 an earthquake occurred in Christchurch New Zealand, resulting in the destruction of both the water and sewer systems. The people were told that to drink or shower could potentially be deadly due to contamination, this led to them using a man made hole in their back yards for the toilet. Now, modern systems are far superior than the ancients but the earthquake is a prompt to all to develop better systems that are more robust. A Greenwich Plumber is fully qualified. This could be done by looking at the history of plumbing. Below are just 5 of many historical facts about ancient plumbing:

1). Archeologists found the remnants of an ancient plumbing system of approximatelt 3000 years old on Crete at the site of the ancient Palace Knossos. This system actually had a pot bath the same shape as the early cast iron baths.
2). Again archeaologists found copper pipework for water in the ruins of the Palace on the Indus river in India, said to be from 3000-4000 BC.
3). The Egyptians used copper pipes with which they built elegant style bathrooms with irrigation and sewer systems in the pyramids, around 2500 BC.
4). Cisterns for rainwater storage were made on Crete and saved for drinking, bathing, washing and cooking, around 1500 BC.
5). It would appear that the Romans had advanced plumbing. Aqueducts were built nad underground sewer systems, private and public baths with bronze and lead pipework. They also had marble fixtures comprising of gold and silver fittings, around 455-500 BC.

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