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May 29, 2014
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July 10, 2014
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Below is a brief guide to plumbing in a new bath, assuming that the new bath is already in place.
With the new bath in position, you need to make adjustments to the feet, making sure the bath is now at the correct height. Make sure the bath is level.

Mark the bathroom wall with the position of the new taps and the new waste outlet. Take out the bath.

If you are not confident to carry out this task you can always call a professional service like Greenwich Plumbers who tradesmen can supply and fit baths.

Run the waste and supply pipework close to the taps and waste outlet. These should terminate in a place that will still let you to re-fit the bath, but also, give access to make the permanent connections.

Assemble and fit the waste outlet for the bath. Make sure that you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions showing the position of gaskets and use of sealant. Assemble the overflow pipe. These systems are varied, but normally connect to the main waste point.

Fit the taps, again following the manufacturer’s instructions. If the taps have tails on them, shape and fit these. Place the bath back into position and check all pipework connections before securing using the recommended fixings.

Connect the trap to the waste outlet and to the waste pipe. Where space beneath the bath is limited, a shallow trap should be used. But, in this case, the waste goes to a gulley and not the soil stack. Before fitting the side panel to the bath, switch on the water supply and check all work for leaks. This should include the waste. It is a lot easier to discover a leak now on the overflow rather than relying on a wet ceiling below to tell you. If you are not confident, then call a professional like a Greenwich Plumber.

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