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July 28, 2015
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September 27, 2015
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One of the most common problems faced by the homeowner is the clogging of the toilet. There are a large number of factors that create clogging toilet problems. Here are some simple tips that will help the homeowner in removing the toilet clogs.

Homemade Solutions
The first thing is to make your own unclogging solution. Unclogging solution can be made by using several ways. The easiest and the cheapest way to unclog the toilet is to pour boiling water into your toilet system. Most of the times this trick works because it helps to soften the clog which makes it easy to unclog. If this method does not work, then it is better to buy a solution from the market. Pour down the solution into the toilet system. Make sure that the solution you are going to use is safe and within your budget.

If above mentioned steps did not work, then it is the time to use the plunger. The plunger will allow you to exert pressure into your toilet system and help to push the clog in the backwards direction until it clears . Pour hot water solutions and flush the toilet several times.

Commercial cleaners of drains or clogs are safe if you are using them occasionally for the cleaning process, but if you are using them too much then these chemicals and materials with caustic effects can produce damage for some pipe materials.

Call a plumber
When you are interfacing with some bigger jobs of plumbing repair, you might need some attention from the professional. If none of the above mentioned steps work, then it is the time to call a plumber. Call our company Plumbers Greenwich. Our plumbers can resolve all types of clogging problems. You can seek help from our company at Plumber Greenwich any time of the day.

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