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July 1, 2015
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September 1, 2015
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Bursting and freezing of pipes is one of the most terrible problems that no one likes. It is the time to plan for your exterior pipes and taps against freezing. Easiest way to handle this problem is to find shut off valve of water, which is more often located in the basement of the house. After locating the shut off valve, turn it off to stop water flow in your home and open outside taps for draining out water from taps. Make sure to turn on all the taps for draining purpose.
If you are living in cold weather country in which temperature falls daily, you should save your pipes from freezing. There are several ways, which can help in keeping the pipe safe from freezing precautions and can help you to save costly repairs of the plumbing system. Our company Plumber Greenwich mentions 5 basic areas which need to be checked periodically.
Make sure to check sinks, water heaters, toilets, bathtubs/showers, and a few other heterogeneous plumbing areas. If you are unsure about plumbing work, call our company Plumbers Greenwich. Our professional plumbers can do inspection of your plumbing system efficiently. Verify that all lines of the toilet system are running in good shape. Check clogging, leaks and other signs of damage. Perform flush test in order to make sure everything of the toilet is functioning as expected.
It is now the time to move to kitchen inspection crawls under the cabinet of the kitchen and inspect kitchen sink. Verify the shut off valves and all the supply lines of the kitchen. Check it to find whether it is in good shape or not. Ensure trap installation on the drain, check the speed of the drain. A slow speed of drain indicates clogging or shows inadequate ventilation. During plumbing inspection, if you feel any difficulty, contact us at Plumber Greenwich.

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