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April 8, 2014
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April 10, 2014
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Noises from the boiler, such as the sound of bubbling water, can be due to several causes. If the system used to work well and the problem has only just started for no apparent reason, it is possible that a narrow pocket of air has become trapped within the boiler, perhaps due to the formation of scale or corrosion. A Lee Plumber can find corroded pipes. The noises generated by the formation of steam and its subsequent condensing within the area of trapped air. The only remedy, apart from a new boiler, is to treat the system with a descaling solution. Were a power flush is sought this may require the services of a reputable heating engineer, like a Grove Park Plumber . However, depending on the edge of your system and the materials it is made from, like aluminium, copper or steel, several manufacturers produce chemical cleaning solutions, available from any plumbers merchant. These come with the necessary application instructions and can be administered to clean out your system. Bearing in mind that when using these acidic solutions, sludge that has been blocking a corroded radiator or preventing a leaking joint, when removed, may expose the fault and leave you with a system that leaks. But you must remember that they were there already and at least you will find the leaks under a controlled condition and they will not simply spring up when you are not at home. The noise from the boiler, however, may not be the result of trapped air but could be due to impingement of the flame directly onto the heat exchanger within the boiler, causing local hotspots where steam forms and collapses. This requires a specialist heating engineer to make the necessary adjustments to the flames and, where necessary, to investigate the cause further.

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