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May 28, 2014
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May 28, 2014
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There may come a time that after all the loyal service your WC has given you that a problem occurs with the flushing action of your loo. Don’t panic, it is not usually a massive task to put right. The first action you can take is to take the lid off the cistern and have a good look around to try and see something obvious. Inspect the lever and handle for the flush mechanism and confirm that no part of the linkage has broken. Once you have checked this out and are happy that all looks ok, you should now consider that the problem is a little deeper. This means that there is probably a valve washer defect. This washer is called a diaphragm washer. As long as you are confident to do so, you can go ahead and take the washer out. However, in order to remove the washer you will need to isolate the water inlet to the cylinder on the toilet. Once you have done this you must flush the water out so the cylinder empties, which will let you carry on. If necessary you can use sponges towels and cloths to wipe out the cylinder. Greenwich Plumbers can supply diaphragm washers.

Inside The Cylinder:
The cylinders have something called a flush pipe, so you have to undo a large nut that fixes it to the siphon. From there you need to undo the large nut that fixes the siphon to the cylinder. Once undone, you should now be able to lift the siphon out of the cylinder.

Unhook the mechanical linkage of the lever arm, and if the arm of the float operated valve makes it difficult, then, you may need to take it out also. A Greenwich Plumber can fit diaphragm washers. Take off the hook that attaches to the top of the shaft, this pulls on the diaphragm. Doing this should let the housing for the diaphragm drop away from the bottom of the siphon so you can take out the washer. Now fit the new washer and re-assemble the unit.

When complete turn on the water to fill the cylinder, check for leaks and operate the flush several times to make sure it is ok.”

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