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Locating basin:
Mark the new fixing points by holding the basin against wall. You may require somebody else to help in this procedure. Be very careful to get it level and at the right height. Now put the basin on the floor–it’s better to lay it on a protective sheet to avoid scratching–and start making the suitable fixing points in the wall.

Assembling taps and waste:
While assembling the taps on the basin, consider the manufacturer’s instructions as it may reduce the risk of the need for emergency plumbing Greenwich. Try to fit the supplied washers at the accurate positions. Washers are crafted to support the tap against the surface of the basin to avoid any damage. The direction of the tap must be checked before the final tightening. Avoid excessive pressure as it may crack your basin.

Now insert the waste outlet into the basin and fix it in place. Some outlets require a seating compound or a silicone sealant while others are mounted on a rubber gasket. Consider the recommendations carefully while keeping the emergency plumbing Greenwich in mind. It provides a seal in order to direct water inside of the waste pipe and not the outside.

Some of the latest and most unique taps come with small tail pipes that are fitted at the same time with taps. If not, the installation procedure may become easier if a short piece of copper tube is connected to each tap at this stage. Later it can be connected to the supply. The plus point is that these can be fitted when the basin remains on floor and you have enough working space. If the basin is fixed on the wall, connecting pipes to taps could be so awkward. These tails must be shaped very carefully before connection in order to ensure that they are settled with supply work.

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